Tiramisu yesterday, awesome practice today

Today I had the best practice by far these past couple months! I felt so limber, every entry into a pose seemed so smooth, my bandhas were strong, my breath was so steady and my dristi so concentrated. I was working up a good sweat too, despite the weather getting chillier here in Taipei. It wasn't what I expected since: (1) I barely got in 5 hours of sleep the night before, (2) Reason for not being able to fall asleep was because I had a pretty strong iced latte about 2:30pm that afternoon, (3) I had a lunch feast the day before--pasta, tiramisu, chocolate cake, cookie, and coffee--carbs carbs carbs! On top of that, I woke up before my alarm clock at 5AM, which has never happened. I walked into the class feeling so awake and ready for some kick-butt practice. And what a kick-butt practice I had! I've been cautious about my hamstrings ever since I strained them badly 3 years ago, but today they felt good, and I could lay my entire upper body on my legs in forward bends. I was able to bind my hands by myself in Supta Kurmasana, and with the assist, get my feet over my neck. Usually, my lower back is sore when coming out of that pose, but the favors were with me today, not a single sensation there. I was able to touch my chin with my thumbs today in Garbha Pindasana, due to the sweat that helped me get my arms all the way through. Pasasana was a piece of cake, and I've never twisted so far by myself in Ardha mastyendrasana. The assisted drop-backs got me to walking in my fingers till I just barely touched my heels, and being able to stay without my teacher supporting me to prevent me from falling.

All these times, I was thinking, "What happened?" You hear people and teachers saying that eating too much, especially sweets and caffeine, can affect your practice. But those somehow made my practice better today. There had been other occasions where I had alot of desserts and still practiced better, and other times where they were worse. I'm still trying to figure out how best to eat to support my practice. I was so excited about this that I immediately texted a friend after my practice and told her about it. She suggested that maybe it's the body's way of telling me to eat more. Perhaps. But of course I should fuel up on healthier alternatives, not tiramisu all the time. Or should I? I told my friend that's all the more reason to eat more chocolate! :-)