It's Friday, have a laugh

Although I don't technically have a "job" (selling cookies/cakes/pastries and teaching yoga are more like hobbies to me), I still get in the excited Friday mood. I guess it's just ingrained in me to feel that way about Fridays. After all, I had been "trained" to look forward to Fridays the past 16 years when in school. I also like Fridays because I can just do the Primary series without anyone pointing a finger at me and say I'm being lazy (seriously, can't I just do Primary any day I want?!). I like Fridays because you can feel the atmosphere lighten around you--people in general are in happier moods on Fridays, and you see more cars, more people out on the streets, eating, laughing, chilling. Those observations just make me smile.

So, in honor of this happy day of the week, I present to you a couple laughs:




Happy Friday! :-)