I did my 108 Salutations with a waterfall

I realize it's already January 10, and 10 days after I did my 108 surya namaskaras on January 1, 2012, but hey, better late than never on posting about my experience right?

To be honest, I've always wanted to experience what doing 108 Sun Salutations feels like, and my yoga studio conveniently offered this activity on the first morning of 2012. I was a little anxious whether I would actually make it through those 108 chaturangas and what nots, as I had been out of town that past week prior to New Year's and hadn't been keeping up with the practice. I did manage to squeeze in 30 minutes or so of practice 3 days out of 6, thanks to the hotel balcony overlooking the beautiful beach that called my name to it. If people didn't think yoga has enough cardiovascular effect, then doing those 108 salutations would definitely overturn their theory. We coursed through those namaskaras like soldiers, linking one breath to one movement, no staying 5 breaths in downward facing dog except for those that land on multiples of 18. At first, I couldn't get my mind into it because my left nostril was running water like a waterfall everytime I came out of downward facing dog. After 40 or so, I went into auto-pilot, my body just breathing on its own (my nose was still leaking now and then, but by then I was sweating so I was hoping others would just think I was a massive sweat machine). I felt like I was running a marathon. Sweat poured down, and the spots on the mat where I usually rest my hands on in downward dog became drenched with my sweat, and those spots actually made squishy sounds when I pressed my palms down. I came away from those 108 surya namaskaras feeling refreshed, renewed. But I have to say the ultimate moral of the story was: always check if your nose has been completely cleared of saline water after doing jala neti and before doing your practice.

P.S. Here are some interesting facts about the number 108.