Eka Pada Sirsasana--or how ridiculous I felt with one leg behind my head

Never in a million years do I see myself going into Eka pada sirsasana. I thought I was forever stuck at Ardha matsyendrasana. I have the tightest groins anyone can have, and even now, I'm still unable to touch my belly to my feet and go forward in baddha konasana (fair enough, I had a few strains in my SI joints) nor can I completely go down in upavishtha konasana.

Surprisingly, last week my teacher came to me after I did ardha matsyendrasana and told me to do the prep work for eka pada. On the outside, I played it cool, but inside, I was panicking. Oh gosh, I'm going to make the biggest fool of myself trying to get into this one.

WEEK ONE I did some fire logs to open up my hips, then surprisingly hooked my knee over my shoulder (I am capable of that?!). I used my other hand to help straighten the leg that was over my shoulder to help open up the hips and groin regions. As someone who's had their fair share of hamstring strains, I was extra careful when I felt the intense hamstring stretch as well.

WEEK TWO My teacher had told me to take this asana slowly, so I wasn't expecting it when he came over the second week and said he'd help me into the posture. He emphasized on the outward rotation of the femur, and before I knew it, I felt my right foot at the back of my head. It was like one of those moments when you went into your first backbend or headstand, and the world is upset down and you seemed to have lost your sense of orientation. My foot, which I usually see in front and below of me, is suddenly above and behind me. What were left was my left foot and the back side of my right hip. I'm sure my hunched back that was struggling to keep that foot in place would bring about the deepest scorns on all yogis' faces. My foot had to be held firmly, and just barely, over my head, to keep it there. It was the most intense hip stretch I've ever felt. Sweet pain, as my teacher loves to say.

WEEK THREE So I've actually only had my feet behind my head once before my teacher had me try the full posture.

Wait what? Are you sure? I guess my teacher was, and I awkwardly reached for my straight foot today with my other foot bound behind my head.

Needless to say, I left the class with sore hips. I guess it's better than knee pains!