"Freedom of mind" and "going from known to unknown"

Although I've only had minimal exposure to the world of Iyengar yoga, what little I learned during a one week workshop with Peter Scott opened my eyes the props can help anybody achieve the benefits of any asana. I like this video clip because of what Dr. Geeta S. Iyengar said about backbending. Most find back bending difficult because we are reaching to the "unknown"--we cannot see where we're going. Human beings like to live in our comfort zones, and back bends challenge that. Her talk on "freeing the mind" from bondages also reminds me of Pattabhi Jois' famous line: "Body not stiff, mind is stiff." We think we cannot do this or do that, but in fact, we are capable of more. Alot of people think they cannot do yoga because they are stiff, or not fit enough, but our body is made to be versatile and can be easily trained into what we believe we can do. Our mind is the ultimate barrier that we have to overcome.