New fav mantra

During my two-week pranayama course at YT, we do a little chanting every day with Tiwariji. It's so powerful when a room full of 40 or so people singing together; it literally touches your heart and vibrates within you. I've never been to a real kirtan before, but can only imagine the powerful energy it has when hundreds are singing together to celebrate life, the gods, and everything on Earth. I currently learned a new one and I couldn't get it out of my head, called the Tvameva mantra (the first "v" is pronounced with a "w" sound): [youtube=]

Tvameva mata ca pita tvameva Tvameva bandhusca sakha tvameva Tvamevavidya dravinam tvameva Tvameva sarvam mama deva deva

Thou art my mother, Thou art my father, Thou art my brother (or relative), Thou art my friend, Thou art my knowledge, Thou art my wealth, Thou art my all-in-all, O God of gods.