there goes Richard Freeman again

One of my dear friends has just finished a one-month intensive with Richard Freeman at Boulder, Colorado (envious yet?). She regularly updates us with tidbits from her classes, especially on their...cadaver labs. This is one of her most recent shares, coming from the man Richard Freeman himself:

"...when you are doing an asana well, the skeleton is floating in your body..."
I think subconsciously we all know that this is true, but Richard is one of the few who knows how to string subconscious thoughts into words.

I don't think I've had as many epiphanies in my life as during that one week immersion last November with Richard and Mary (I've summarized the workshop here, here, and here). Richard is able to punch you in the face with words that leaves you absolutely dumbfounded, and your only responses are "OHHHHHHHHH" or "HMMMMM he is so right!" Well, there are times when I was just completely lost, for his words are as easily capable of floating up to the clouds, the universe, and beyond--places where I personally haven't transcended yet.
For now, I can only anticipate the day when it is my time to spend a month of cadaver labs with Richard.