24 on my 24th birthday

24 shots? 24 candles? 24 wishes? 24 push-ups? 24 pats on my back? 24 brownie points?


24 unassisted drop backs!

This year has been full of weird yoga challenges for me. First I did 108 sun salutations, then 23 assisted drop backs a couple of months ago before I left Taiwan, as a "gift" from my teacher. Now this.

I kept my practice on the shorter side today: sun salutations, standing, first 5 seated of primary (up to tiriangmukha), followed by the 2nd half of the primary after navasana, 3 back bends, then drop backs. Surprisingly, the task was easier than I had thought it would be, pacing myself at sets of six drop backs, and taking a longer break after each set.

So the story behind this is that my teacher would celebrate his birthday, or give it as "gifts" to his students, with however many drop backs corresponding to age. I figured I might as well give this drop back challenge a try when my age is still a reasonable number.

As a last note, here is Kino demonstrating her beautiful drop backs: