I met a beautiful soul this morning, and he was a taxi driver. I was on my way to a 6AM power vinyasa class, and the taxi driver started talking to me. Basically, I find that there are three types of taxi drivers: (1) those that just keep to their own business and keep their mouths shut the entire ride, (2) those that won't stop asking you questions...and blah blah blah (especially in Taiwan), and (3) those that are genuinely friendly and likeable. The taxi driver I met today falls into category 3.

When I mentioned to him that I'm a student at UNSW, he got excited and told me he got his PhD in Education at the same university. For a few seconds, I couldn't put the two together: PhD in Education and a...taxi driver? He didn't keep me pondering for too long though, as he went on to explain that he used to drive taxis when he was younger to pay his way for a living, and he fell in love with it. So now, aside from teaching at school, he enjoys driving his taxi cab around on his spare time, seeing the city and meeting people.

"Especially at this hour, when I get passengers going to Bronte and Coogee, I get to see the beautiful sunrises at the beaches..."

I understand what he means. At 6AM, the streets are so quiet, and the sun is just peaking its first rays out. There is a certain meditative quality to it. He enjoys driving in the early mornings just as much as I enjoy my morning commutes on the buses to the shala.

It is always inspiring to meet people who truly enjoy what they do for a job. Driving the taxi may not be his main job, but he sticks to it nonetheless not because of the extra pay, but because it can be both meditative and adventurous.

I let him keep the change, for I truly enjoyed his 10 minute company. And although he might not have realized it, he had made my day already.