Yogi heroes

Anyone else a fan of David Garrigues? Not only does he provide insightful tips to various asanas, his sincerity and honesty when discussing yoga philosophy are mesmerizing. He is one of those few teachers who can decompose the cryptic lingo of yoga philosophy into something we normal human beings can understand. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9zzDk0rB3Bw&feature=share]

Here's my own summary:

Courage and Daring. Going on a yogi path requires both of these, because it simply is damn hard. You are going down an unknown path, and you don't know what you might encounter. You are getting to know yourself, and you don't know whether you'll like what you find or not. Perhaps you'll see your own weaknesses and faults. You become humbled. It takes courage to surrender and accept, and courage to persevere this journey. You simply don't give up--there must be Persistence. You stay with it. You also need Discriminative Knowledge to be able to use the tools provided for you, so that you can filter through the information you encounter and distinguish the ones that will be beneficial for you. Faith allows you to believe in yourself and in this path. It helps you persevere, because you need to trust that the path will lead you to self-discovery, to something with higher purpose. Lastly, (I love this one!), Aloofness. You may have guidances along the way, but ultimately you are on your own in this journey, because only you know yourself the best. And when you are honest with yourself, only you alone can find that potential in you. We need to detach ourselves from the external distractions, the social media telling us what we need and who we should be, and see within yourself with an honest heart who you really are.

On a similar note, here is an excerpt from one of Kino Macgregor's articles:

The road to personal discovery is long and filled with many trials. Like a mountain trek through a dangerous and fantastical new land, it is filled with heroes and villains, rain and sunshine, pleasure and pain. It is filled with the ordinary joys of daily life and the extraordinary bliss of a divine world. It is also filled with casual suffering and excruciating pain and loss.

You cannot buy yourself an easy passage.There is no helicopter that can drop you off at the final destination.

The only way to get there is to walk every step over the easy path, every step over the abyss, and every step through rainbows, brilliance, hurricanes and snowstorms with balance, clarity and faith.