November 6, 2012

I have just one more exam to finish before it is officially the holidays for me. This will be my first Christmas and New Year's in the summertime. I guess I will have a white Christmas after all...white sandy beaches that is! The long hours of studying have made my shoulders really tight, and even my teacher has noticed, because my hands can't go down onto the floor on its own anymore in prasarita padottanasana C. In other news, although I am literally halfway across the world and in the southern hemisphere, being the good U.S. citizen that I am, I have faxed in my Overseas Absentee ballot. And guess who I am rooting for? :D


Credits to Ashtanga Illustrations by Boonchu--be sure to check him out! He has lots of awesome and cute illustrations inspired by Ashtanga.

At the faxing center yesterday while I was waiting for the confirmation on the fax, the guys there told me that in Australia that you get fined if you don't vote. I wonder how that would affect the US of A if that law were implemented...?