Election, days after

It's been a good three days since the presidential election and yet the hype has not died down. I am still seeing exciting news and comments popping up on my Facebook newsfeed everyday, and some even loosely yoga-related! But first off, let's start with this short yet moving speech by Obama as he thanks his staff for the hard work they had put in. They say that the strongest and courageous men are those who are not afraid to shed tears in times of happiness or hardship, for those are the men who are not afraid to show their emotions or admit to their weaknesses.



And here's a great shot of Dalai Lama and Obama, and His Holiness' letter of congratulations on Obama's re-election.

Since I usually don't keep up-to-date with politics, I wasn't aware of anything else other than the presidential elections. But thanks to YogaDork, I now know that Democrat Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii had been elected as the first Hindu American Congresswoman. Better yet, instead of swearing to the Bible, she will be swearing to the Bhagavad Gita! I am all for her:

"...[I strive to] bring back to the voice of small local farmers, of our sustainable communities, of our renewable energy. This is what we need to fight for and this is what I'm committed to fighting for you as a member of Congress."