And I still want to smack someone!

Sometimes we all need a reminder that even we practice 1034895710245701265982 hours of yoga (physical, spiritual, and living) a week, we are all human. Yes, even the teachers you hold as deities. And them especially.

The teachers I form closer bonds with are those who still live like "normal" human beings. Those who still enjoy a nice cold beer and stuff their stomachs with pizza every now and then. Those who have an obsession to chocolate and sweets as much as I do. Those who still get ticked off when another car cuts him/her off. Those who like to sleep in and have coffee and pancakes for breakfast. Those who swear!

That's because I can still relate to them instead of being intimidated by their "higher" status of enlightenment. Okay, so perhaps your teacher can recite the Yoga Sutras and the Bhagavad Gita by heart forwards and backwards, or perform sayanasana (from Ashtanga 4th series) without breaking a sweat, but ultimately everyone of us is on the same journey, and nobody is far ahead or far behind anybody else.

On some days, yes,  I do want to smack someone, as does everybody. And on some days, I naturally want to be an angel to everyone I meet, as does everybody.