Meditation magic moment

I'm not one to meditate regularly (though I should), but whenever I do--be it 2, 5, 10 minutes or more--I always feel this magical thing when I come out of my meditation. Of course, sitting still during the course of meditation is also magical, but for the first part of my practice I always find myself involved in an internal battle that goes something like this:

Okay, so later after my meditation practice I have to...

Shhh, you're having a thought!

Oh right. Okay. Focus on the breath...what was it that my teacher said yesterday about Janu Sirsasana? Wait I'm having another thought again...

I wonder what I should have for lunch later after my asana practice?

You're thinking!

Right. Okay. [Silence for awhile]. Should I get coffee today? Do I need coffee today? Or should I stick with green tea or chai tea?


Okay, gotcha...

Depending on the day, sometimes these conversations go on for almost the entire length of my practice. If I am lucky, they slowly dim out after the first couple of minutes.

But what I wanted to talk about today is the coming out moment. You slowly open your eyes, feeling the world so silent and serene. Nothing is going on in your mind. You're kind of staring softly, with eyes half-closed, into another space at nothing in particular. Sometimes you wonder what had just happened, what induced you into this trance-like state. You feel like you are the only person in the world, sitting there, contemplating at nothing. You don't make a sound, and you don't have the desire to. You feel a warmth glowing from inside, and you just want to sit in this silence for a few moments longer.

And then I ask myself why I don't do this more often. Besides, I can start off by just setting aside 5-10 minutes of my morning for the practice. On the days that I do meditate, I always feel more productive throughout the day :-D