Plant-based diets win

Having lived in the U.S., Taiwan, and Australia, and having talked to friends from Netherlands, Austria, and Germany, I have come to realize that the bitter truth is, the U.S. Health Care sucks. There are so many people in the U.S. who are sick, and are only getting sicker via prescription drugs. They are spending millions and millions of dollars on medications for treating their chronic diseases, when these drugs only burn holes in their wallets and compromise other aspects of their health. We have to treat the causes of the diseases, not the symptoms. But sadly, most are more willing to spend money on medications than change their lifestyles. And most are, in fact, not aware of the power of nutrition. After all, nutrition research is so poorly funded, 100x less than genetics research.

As the following TedXTalk shows, a whopping 18% of the GDP goes towards health care, twice as high as the second highest, but the quality ranks pretty much near last. The U.S. is plagued with obesity, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, just to name a few, all of which can be more or less prevented or reduced by following a healthy, wholesome, plant-based diet. Dr Campbell mainly focuses on cancer in this talk, and he shows some pretty amazing results just by following a plant-based diet. Take a look!