running wild and free

This morning when I woke up just shy of 6:30am, I knew I needed to go for a run. I used to run a lot back in high school and college, and then yoga took over. Every now and then my body would kick me and say: "Let me be wild and free!" Today was one of those days. I laced up my shoes (still colored from the 5K Color Run event I attended in Sydney in January) and stepped into the misty, slightly drizzling, 60 degrees Pacific Grove morning. My legs and body felt awkward at first, because the last time I ran was about 2 months ago. But as I picked up pace my body began to slip back into its old comfort zone. Barely no cars or people on the road. Just me, the light misty rain against my face, and the wet thuds as my feet hit the gravel.

Mind you, I am not in tip-top shape in terms of cardiovascular exercises, so I had to stop a couple of times and to walk a few blocks. It was a nice change though, from the confinements of a yoga studio. On the road, you also get to be with your breath and your body, synchronizing both for efficient energy usage. You get to be outside, with nature, breathing in the scenes, feeling your legs do what they do best. You feel a sense of exhilaration as you take another turn to see what's around the corner, and a slight burning sensation in your lungs that you don't get too much of in yoga.

I came back with damp hair and clothes, flushed cheeks, my adrenaline still pumping. I almost always feel awesome after yoga practice, but this feeling of awesome after running is slightly different.

Sometimes I just need to break out of my normal routine and do something more exciting. Mission accomplished. :)