things i appreciate in the Mysore room

Yesterday marked the last day of my two months teaching at Monterey Yoga Shala, and we ended with none other than a led Primary class. It was definitely not a perfect smooth-sailing two months, and I've only come to appreciate my teachers even more for the effort and sacrifices they put in to pass down this lineage through the traditional teaching style of Mysore. While 5am is actually a sleep-in for most Mysore teachers (Mysore class does not start until around 7:30am here), I can still feel the gradual wear-and-tear of my body and spirit. There are days when I just did not want to practice or teach, and I was feeling my passion for the practice slipping away. And then there are days when I felt completely smitten by the practice and the teaching. Even in just two short months, I feel that my touch and adjustments have improved leaps and bounds. Being in the room everyday helps, and since the MYS community is so small, students are always happy to provide me feedback. I've also learned the traditional Sanskrit counting for the Primary series (I gotta pat myself on the back for that!).

Teaching Mysore is definitely not easy, but it can also be very rewarding. There were always inspirations in the room everyday, and I've come to appreciate the small community here at Monterey.

The 6 month pregnant young woman rocking Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana with straight legs and NOT using the wall at all. Kudos to her!

The 84 year old woman who had lost all her sensations in her arms and legs after some rare disease regaining control of her body through Ashtanga, and can now do the entire Primary series with modifications.

The 74 year old veteran trying his best in Marichyasanas, and rocking his Sirsasana.

The man who recommitted himself to the practice after a 10-year hiatus, and is slowly working through his hamstring attachment injury with faith and patience.

And of course, there's always at least one abnormally bendy person in class. In this case, a woman nearing her 60's looking effortlessly in the Advanced A postures.

I am homesick and am looking forward to heading back home in a few days, but I am also experiencing a series of graduation goggles.