Day 7 and THE PURGE

As promised, the final day of my cleanse and the long-awaited purge .

Day 7 . Ugh. The 7 teaspoons of ghee did not fare well. I dumped the yellow contents into a cup with some warm water and grated ginger, pinched my nose and tried to swallow this greasy water within 2 or 3 gulps. With all this ghee and kitchari everyday you'd think I turned yellow already. But fortunately, I have not. Practice today was rough, as each downward facing dog I did I could feel the grease churning inside my stomach. It wasn't until 1 hour into my practice, about 2 hours after I downed the ghee, that I started feeling the ghee clearing out. Thank goodness today was the last day of ghee. I don't think I'd want to touch it again for the next couple of months.


The Purge  It might sound scarier than it is, but in reality, it's just like having a bad case of diarrhea, without the cramps for me (some fellow cleansers had cramps, and it differs between people). At around 9:25pm that evening, I braced myself and downed 3 tablespoons of castor oil, chased down by a cup of warm water with lemon juice. I started feeling the effects about half an hour later, my lower belly grumbling and churning. Despite that, I tried to go to bed. At 10:50am, I got woken up by the urge to go the bathroom. I will spare you the details here, so all you should know is that I was up till about 1am paying the toilet frequent visits. At 1:30am I finally fell back into restless sleep, and was awoken by the lightening sky outside my window just past 6am. I almost did not go to the shala for practice, but I'm glad I did, for I felt my body light and renewed. My strength was not what it used to be, but I can slowly build that up again in the next couple of weeks. Luckily, I had no classes scheduled for that day, and I spent the rest of my Day 8 drinking homemade vegetable broth (to replenish my electrolyte stores) and eating congee cooked with the broth. My agni  was definitely lit up and burning, as I was constantly hungry the entire day. Because my appetite was so strong, and that the rice wasn't really cutting it, I decided to have some kitchari at around 3pm. Bad idea. It gave me cramps about 30 minutes after eating. I guess my tummy was still super sensitive.

Some post-detox reflections will be coming up soon!

Castor Oil

Castor Oil