"You smell like kitchari"-Detox Days 4-6

Phew. So I got through Days 4-6 not too shabbily. My energy levels were more stable, and while I was still easily agitated, my emotional levels were better contained. My appetite has definitely increased in the past few days, and I'm downing those kitchari pretty fast...and yet I don't feel satisfied .

Day 4. I woke up at 6am with a whole new level of energy and mindset after the emotion wreck that I was on Day 3. I literally bounced around the house while everyone was still sleeping and bounced my way to the shala for my morning practice. I felt a little soreness and stiffness in my lower back, near the sacrum, which prevented me from going into my forward bends too much, but otherwise I felt strong throughout my practice and went all the day to mayurasana . I had a massage appointment set up that morning, and I drove happily to my appointment. The last time I treated myself to a massage was in Thailand back in June, where you could get a superb Thai massage for less than $10 per hour. Those tiny, sweet Thai ladies really know how to knead your muscles like dough! So I was paying $29 for one hour of Swedish massage, which was already a discount since I am an employee at the gym, and it was an okay  massage. It still felt nice, especially when I followed it by a good 15 minutes in the sauna. One of the hardest parts this week was living with my cleanse while still continuing to teach my kids' cooking classes four times a week. We made Basil, Tomato & Spinach Pasta for my Monday and Tuesday classes, and the smell of olive oil and basil was so irresistible. But the killer one was on Thursday, Day 4 of my cleanse. My class in Berkeley made No-Bake Rice Krispy Treats  using sunflower butter, coconut oil, and agave in place of the marshmallow. At one point some sunflower butter got onto my fingers and I had to resist urges upon urges not to just lick my finger right there and then. It didn't help that all the kids were exclaiming how good the rice krispy treats were. (There were a couple left over so I saved them in my freezer for after my cleanse!)

 Day 5 was pretty much the same as Day 4 except my energy level was a bit more unsteady. Again, I went in early for my morning practice, but 30 minutes in I suddenly felt drained . I decided to cut my practice short and did more meditation instead. I taught a yoga class then another cooking class (rice krispy treats again). I was craving all sorts of things that day: cup of warm chai, French toast as I passed by a diner, coffee when I felt a bit drained, chocolate for the bittersweet taste, and bread for more grounding sensation. That evening, as I sat at dinner with the boyfriend, I was explaining how the smell of each food seems to be heightened while on the cleanse. I looked somewhat gloomily down at yet another bowl of yellow mush and wished we were at a restaurant sipping on wine and enjoying grilled and fried stuff. "You smell like kitchari," the boyfriend exclaimed when I finished my meal. According to my mentor, you would usually do a 21-day cleanse at an Ayurveda center, and by the end of those 21 days everyone starts to smell like ghee, with their hair and skin are glistening. "That is when you can tell they are saturated  and are ready for the purge ," she said. More on the purge later.

Day 6. I woke up today feeling almost normal in my energy and emotions. The ghee is really getting hard to get down. I tried mixing the ghee with my warm ginger tea this morning, and quickly downed it with my nose pinched. Even the smell of ghee makes me a little queasy now. I decided to go into the gym earlier today so I could get a good 20 minute or so in the sauna before I teach my 11am Just Stretch class. I felt a sense of grounding throughout the day, with a new feeling of confidence as I taught my classes. After my 11am class I had to meet with a salesperson at the gym to sort out some account kinks, and there, sitting on her table, was a 16-oz iced latte from Panera. I smelled it even before I stepped into the door. I admired its perfectly beige color, and actually started to taste that coffee in my mouth, and felt that little buzz upon the first sip of caffeine. Saturdays also mean Off The Grid at the South Shore Center. The luring smell coming from the food trucks was too much to bear so I ducked quickly into the car and drove home to the kitchari waiting on the stove top for me.

Tomorrow is Day 7, the last day ! And of course, the purge. Stay tuned.