Recipe Makeover: Nut Butter Chocolate Cup

Halloween officially marked the holiday seasons that just seems to roll seamlessly from Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas to New Year's, followed by a short break in between when people get a jump start on their New Year's Resolutions, then roll into Valentine's then St. Patrick's Day and Easter. This is the season when we permit ourselves to indulge all we want,, and if you really look at it, it occupies about half the year.

This is also a very challenging time for me, because this nutrition consultant you're looking at loves to indulge. if you knew me, you would know I have a weakness for anything sweet and everything chocolate. I try as much as I can to indulge my sweet tooth with dark chocolate or making healthier treats at home. After all, as Michael Pollan stated, we can eat all the junk food we want as long as we cook it ourselves. So I guess having ten of these chocolate cups won't hurt...right?

That's where this recipe comes in. I can have my cake and eat it too without feeling all too guilty. I also love how this recipe is so adaptable. In my first version, I used Trader Joe's cookie butter as a more sinful treat, but alternatively, you can also put dollops of homemade nut butters or even fruit jams. And if you're like me, who puts all kinds of spices I can find in my pantry into everything I cook, you might find yourself adding a dash of cinnamon, or nutmeg, or ginger, or cayenne pepper...

Still unsure about coconut oil? Read all about it here.

Until next time, folks!