Two-Minute Yoga for Opening the Chest and Shoulders

Bets are that right now you are sitting at your desk with your back slumped, your shoulders hunched forward, and your neck leaning ahead towards the screen. 

(Then you snap out of your "bad posture" and sit up straight all of a sudden)

It gets the best of us. I'd start to feel my neck and upper back tightening up, wonder why they're doing that, then smack myself in the forehead because, DUH, I'm hunched over my laptop. I'd snap myself out of the position (like you did just now), and attempt to "un-do" my bad habits by doing a few heart-opening stretches, like the ones in the video below. 


The chronic pain patients especially love these two movements, as they are simple enough to perform and yet deliver prominent results. As the muscles in the chest, stomach, shoulders, and the back get stretched out, breathing becomes easier and more effective. The simple spinal curls also increase blood circulation in the upper body. 

The results? A re-energized body, brain fog relief, less "stickiness" along the spine. Give it a try and share below how you feel afterwards!