become who you are with grace and ease

(be sure to read till the end to find out how!)

Not too long ago, I struggled with being an overachiever.

Not too long ago, I had a poor body image and struggled with eating disorder.

Not too long ago, I was practicing over 2 hours everyday of intense, almost acrobatic-like yoga, and my body was obviously wearing out. 

Not too long ago, I was preaching ahimsa (Sanskrit word for "non-violence," one of the fundamental principles of yoga practice and living) without truly knowing what it means. 

Not too long ago, I was beating myself up (mentally and emotionally) for not being where I'd like to be financially, and for being uncertain about myself all the time. 

Then one day, I woke up.

I was walking down the street just like any other night in San Francisco, and something shifted in me. I started laughing. And laughing. And laughing.

(Yup, just like a typical looney person you might meet on the San Francisco streets. Fortunately, my husband was there with me so it made the situation look just a wee bit better.) 

What I woke up to then could not have been better summarized than this quote: 

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken."
~Oscar Wilde

All this time I was wasting my energy and insanity trying to be like this person or that teacher, and wondering why nothing I did was bringing me closer to my goals, when in fact I am already the person I need to be! I was laughing because, DUH, how could I have possibly, ever, EVER overlooked this truth? Why ever compare and compete when there is none other like yourself? 

In that pivotal moment, I relaxed. I stopped resisting myself, which was bringing so much tension and fatigue, and started listening to that small, shy, but authentic voice inside me. 

I gotta admit, it was hard. That voice has been suppressed and beaten down for so long, and it's sensitive, timid. Forcing will not let that voice speak up; only gentleness and care will. And till this day, it's still hard. But everyday that I let that voice know I trust her, she reveals a little more. And everyday, I become clearer to who I am supposed to be. With grace. With ease. 

"Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are."
~Lynn Weinberger, Senior Viniyoga Teacher 

My good friend and colleague, Meredith and I experienced first-handedly how we can be so hard on ourselves. While it is still a learning and exploration process for us, we have both come a long way. Instead of forcing ourselves towards our goals, we now listen deeply for easier, less resistant paths towards the same goals. 

Because we see this happening not just to us, but to almost everybody around us, we'd like to share our insights on how to came to live our lives with more compassion towards ourselves. 

Join Meredith and me for an afternoon of yoga, meditation arts & crafts, and discussion centered on compassionate living towards yourself, your lifestyle habits, and your goals and intentions for the new year. 

In this workshop you will learn:

  • What is compassion towards ourselves, and why is it important in our daily lives

  • How does compassion play into setting our intentions and goals

  • Healthy lifestyle and dietary habits to implement easily in the new year

  • Attainable action-steps and habits to implement today for big results in your well-being

  • How does compassion translate into our yoga, breathing, and meditation practices?

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