Spring Cleansing + Rejuvenating Sequence

According to Ayurveda, springtime is also kapha season. Characteristics of kapha is heavy, damp, and cool, which lends itself to congestion and sluggishness (sound familiar?). As we move from winter to spring, excess body fat that were stored as insulation for the winter are trying to make their way out of our body. When we don't make an effort to keep our bodies fluid and moving during this crucial time of elimination, our body and mind may become bogged down due to congestion. 

When in balance, kapha symbolizes growth. To nurture this growth and renewal of our body, it is important to eliminate the old to make space for the new, just like spring-cleaning your garage or storage. 

The following sequence is designed to build strength and heat, while incorporating grounding, balancing poses as well as twists and inversions to promote lymphatic circulation. 

Here's a sneak peek of the sequence:


The entire sequence takes approximately 45 minutes. If pressed for time, you can reduce the number of repetitions.