A corporate employee wellness program to optimize employee engagement, enhance productivity, reduce rates of burn-out, and increase happiness. 

What's Included

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Educational and interactive seminar

Learn the latest science on stress management, sleep, nutrition, and why these three pillars are important in our overall well-being and happiness. 


tools for common aches and pains

Experience simple, bite-sized stretches, self-massage techniques, and exercises that you can easily integrate into your day at work to alleviate your common back pain, shoulder tension, and fatigue. 

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tools for insomnia

Maximize sleep for improved physical and cognitive functions with proper sleep hygiene, breathing exercises, and guided meditations.


stress management for increased resilience

Enhance internal focus and resilience by returning your body and mind to baseline after stressful situations and/or crises.


...plus daily text reminders to participants within the 4 or 6-week program to incorporate bite-sized stress management techniques for long-term success.


Foster happiness at work

Optimize engagement within the company

Maximize sleep and rest to reduce burn-out

Increase employee loyalty and retain company talent

Enhance focus, clarity, and productivity

Help employees feel valued and cared for