...is a restorative-style yoga that is inspired by the Svaroopa Yoga lineage. It comprises of strategic poses and sequencing that specifically helps resolves deep-seated spinal tension and tightness. As these tensions resolve, we are ultimately peeling away layers of emotional protections that we have put up as a result of our upbringing, conditioning, and traumas. 


Spinal Release Yoga (SRY)...



Adapted from my teacher, Kaya Mindlin's, website:

SRY is different from other restorative forms in its approach to the SPINE. The practice is "deceptively gentle". We get a person lined up in a very meticulous and specific way to RELIABLY enable the release of the absolute DEEPEST and most problematic tensions in the body, the tension in the muscles that attach to the spine. Along the way, we are mapping the emotional patterns and the pathways in the subtle body, unraveling blockages all for the purpose of mental quietude, the dissolution of blockages and ultimately awakening or Self-knowledge.

Yoga practice is ultimately more a way of non-doing than doing. It is more a way of undoing. It is doing less, turning within, letting go, and surrendering. Yoga means discovering the healing essence that can draw us to higher awareness naturally, in which we can let go of stress, our anxiety, our negativity, our traumas...all these emotional factors that disturb us and keep us down. Inner yoga is that in which we move from activity to surrender, and to cultivating the flow of grace.
— Dr David Frawley

Each SRY class or session is designed with these principles - 

  • Release of core tension in the muscles attached to the spine

  • Emphasis on opening the pelvis and heart

  • Depth and Inner Quietude

  • Guided Relaxation and Awareness

  • Ayurveda

  • Vastu {Vedic architiecture} as it pertains to the body and mind

  • Subtle Body Theory {nadis, chakras, koshas}

  • Meticulous sequencing

  • Hands on and personalized help from a highly trained teacher

  • Body, Mind and Life Transformation

  • Cultivation of wisdom and knowledge about Self, World and Divine


Open your body gently, yet deeply from the inside out.  This approach is based in the ancient description of yoga mastery: "abandon all effort, and contemplate the infinite". 

We literally release the bound up super-tight tension in the muscles attached to the spine - especially the uber-tight pelvic and thorasic muscles. This results a decompression of the whole spine, a realignment of the body, improved internal organ function, and a subtle body transformation and channel rejuvenation that easily "drops you in" to a deep inner experience of quietude, surrender, peace and self-awareness. 

Precise angles, soft blankets as props, and hands-on adjustments ensure therapeutic poses that release deep layers of spinal tension. As a result of "core opening", blockages throughout the body dissolve while pain and old mental patterns melt away.  Ancient teachings from the yoga tradition are woven into every class, and each class focuses on a particular theme.