1x1 Yoga Therapy is your space to resolve your chronic pain exactly as you need it in a safe, no-judgement zone, at your pace, and at your time. 

My Techniques


Spinal release yoga therapy

A restorative-style yoga therapy that is strategically sequenced to effectively release deep-rooted spinal tensions that attribute to chronic pain in the hips, lower back, upper back, neck, and shoulders.  Learn more>>


viniyoga and alignment-based yoga

A system of yoga that includes gentle, repetitive movements to increase range of motion and flexibility. The emphasis of alignment helps build longer-lasting, evenly-distributed strength in the body. 




Guided Relaxation and breathing practices

Guided relaxation helps ease tension, manage chronic pain, promote relaxation and sleep, and increase clarity of the mind. Breathing practices further improves respiratory functions and diaphragm engagement for healthier internal alignment.


Stress Management and Functional Tools

Practical 5-minute yoga tools that you can easily integrate into your day to manage stress, relieve tightness and tension, and increase awareness of your posture.


Explore and manage your pain triggers

Heighten your body awareness through guided movements and breath work

Receive customized yoga sequences to alleviate pain, build strength, and increase flexibility

Learn the importance of proper posture and execution of movements to adapt into your daily life activities

Experience yoga in a transformative, therapeutic way that is adapted to your unique body

Gain stress management techniques, improve sleep, and enhance your overall well-being

Experience more freedom in your movements and activities